What is a cam girl? What does she do?

A cam girl is a lady that appears on a live streaming via a webcam. This a very generic definition, but a proper one would be “a lady that appears on a live streaming via webcam, with intentions of fulfil a love or sexual desire of the viewer”. And that is the way it is understood in this website.

Every woman that streams is a cam girl

It is important to note that cam girls are not only the women that work at a webcam sex site, but also the women that simply make sexual streaming for fun, usually limited to a few selected persons. As you probably already know, cybersex is a very common practice in XXI century. A woman becomes a cam girl when she have cybersex via webcam. Webcam had added a new dimension of fun to the cybersex, since it is a lot more pleasuring to watch what your partner is doing, than only read what she is doing. Many women have cybersex today, and a lot of them make it with strangers that they meet on the internet, usually in free chat rooms, or forums.

The peculiarity of women that work as cam girls

So, if this happens, it means that people can have webcam sex for free. That might be true, if you consider “free” the exhausting job of searching for a lady on a chat room, and then convince her to have cybersex. It is like the  old joke: “Porn… it is cheaper than dating”. It is hard to find a cybersex partner, and it is even harder to find a beautiful cybersex partner.

There is an advantage in the webcam sex site, and it is that the user can find a woman easily, and very similar to the woman he has always dreamed. That is far more pleasuring that looking at an stranger, that is not very nice looking, and that you took hours to find and convince.

As you can read, it is not only a save of time, but a dream come true experience. It is to find a lady that is exactly, or very similar, to what one has only wanted. That is what makes this kind of cam girl special: she is beautiful.

And when I say that she is beautiful, I mean it in a very relative way. Cam girls working are always beautiful, because users that are in their chat rooms are all in love with them. As it was stated in the last post, the user behaviour tends to be one that makes him go only to chat rooms that feature a cam girl that he likes.

There is another peculiarity, apart from the one noted in the last paragraph: these cam girl earn money. That is why it is one of the funniest jobs in the world, because a cam girl do something that is very funny and exciting to do, and also win money for doing it.

Basically this is what a cam girl is.

What does a cam girl do?

She stands in front of a webcam, and chat with any user that reach her free chat room. She have nice chit chats with the users, sometimes flirting, and many other times, talking about life, and other topics. It could be surprising, as the general idea is that users that arrive only say “show me your tits”, or any other vulgar ridiculous order. I am not lying, it happens. But it also happens that a user start to talk about very interesting topics. Many users first want to talk about themselves, or about you, the cam girl.

This is an important aspect to note, as here you can see an important point: being a cam girl is not only about sex, but love. Porn is for sex, but webcams are for something more than only sex. Users come to a webcam site not only looking for sex, but for a girlfriend to love. Yes, they will eventually want sexual pleasure, but they will want love too. And love implies attention, interest in their life, a good chat, and dearness. They do not want cold sex, they want to make love.

So, she will usually have some time talking about anything, and after that, the user will be in love with her. And if he is in love with her, he will be desiring to make her love. That is the moment when he makes a big tip, or pay for a private, so she can proceed to make love. In this moment, the cam girl should make him enjoy, but also, enjoy what she is doing. If she is not enjoying, he is not enjoying; as her pleasure is an essential element of the formula.

She should do what he ask her to do. She does not worry, she has the right to establish the limits and rules, so he will not ask her to do something that she would not like to do. Usually all the process will make her have an orgasm. This is the climax of the webcam experience too, and it is the moment when the client decide if the experience was worth every penny -and he will come back soon-, or it was a waste of money and time -and he will leave forever-. And usually, the only thing that will make him decide that it was marvellous will be to see that she actually enjoyed it.

Sometimes, sex does not happen, and users only want other kind of things. A common thing requested is a belly dance, a strip tease, or a foot fetish show. To do these things, she should ask for a tip, and then do them. But do it well, so the user does not feel scammed. If he tips her, and she only delivers a 4 seconds dance, he will feel disappointed, and leave. So, a cam girl should always pay attention to the users, and deliver what they want to receive.

Basically this is what a cam girl does.